About Us


YO! Gourmet Goombahs is an Italian-American Mobile Kitchen serving Charlotte and surrounding areas. The concept is fashioned as an Italian-American snack bar on wheels. Also dubbed the “mangia mobile”, we bring satisfying fresh food to your place of business or entertainment. The straight-forward menu features Italian sandwich favorites such as meatball parmigiana, sausage and peppers and chicken parmigiana. There are burgers and Nathan’s hot dogs as well as salads and wraps. Specialty pizzas are served open-faced on Italian hoagie, as well as New York style pizza by the slice, and you can create your own combination from an assortment of toppings.

Robert Pizzo, Executive Chef and Owner of Gourmet Goombahs, is an Italian-American New Yorker and enjoys preparing dishes that bring him back to his roots.

Culinary trained from the Culinary Institute of American in Hyde Park, New York, Robert has been working in restaurants for a span of three decades. His experience has mostly been in fine-dining having worked in upscale establishments in Fire Island, NY and Naples, Florida. He has served as Executive Chef in St. Croix, Virgin Islands; Columbia, SC; and Newberry, SC.

His last chef’s position was at a popular Italian bistro in South Carolina and although he enjoyed working with fellow New Yorkers and preparing Italian cuisine, he dreamed of having his own business. One night after viewing Food Network’s episode on food trucks, he decided it was time to step out on his own.

With the help of friends, he launched Gourmet Goombahs in August 2012 and oversaw the outfitting of the truck, the menu and the logo, and yes, the name.

The biggest question asked is “What is a Goombah?”

Goombah is an Italian term of endearment meaning close friend or mentor. Derived from the Italian "cumpa", which is the way people from Southern Italy used to pronounce the word, "compare", that is "godfather".

Chef Robert Pizzo invites you to be his "Goombah"!